Miura rebuild for the most important customer, the wife

I’ve been playing these beautiful Miura TC-201 irons and Milled Tour Wedges since the beginning of the year (more in an earlier post). I had them built with the same Mitsubishi MMT irons shafts, at 105 grams in a stiff flex. These have been amazing clubs and I absolutely love them. So you may reasonably ask, “why have you given them away?”

Suzanne has been struggling for a while with her irons and wedges. Basically my firm belief is that they are just too light and she both can’t feel the head, and can also too easily “throw” them around. We’d done a lot of shaft testing before we went and rebuilt her Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Pro irons and T20 wedges. But having had a shoulder injury she didn’t trust that the (slightly) heavier weighted shafts weren’t going to cause issues. And she’d also not liked the “feel” of anything that we’d specifically tested.

Anyway, I couldn’t watch the struggle any longer, so I reinvigorated the search for something that she was going to love, and was going to help her with her game.

Suzanne is one of those players that really appreciates “feel”. I myself am a bit more of a blunt object, being a bit more binary. I either like it or I don’t. For me, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but to me the “feel” of a Mizuno JPX921 Tour and Miura TC-201 are pretty close.

So we went to look at a few possibilities. Mizuno Pro 221 and 225, Ping i525 and Titleist T100s and T200. Into this mix I also made the genuine offer that if she honestly preferred the “feel” of the Miura’s over anything else then I was prepared to sacrifice them for her (I know, what a guy right!). All of the options were pretty decent, but in the end, for her, it was the Miura’s by some margin.

So here we are. The Miura’s have been pulled apart and rebuilt for her. The build consists of the awesome Mitsubishi MMT irons shafts, in an 85 grams regular flex. Complementing the build are some BB&F Co Mr. Peacock III ferrules, and finally Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips.

No doubt, they look amazing! Let’s hope these do the trick for her. For me I’m back to some temporary clubs I have kicking around while my new clubs (Titleist T100 again with SM9 wedges) make their way to me. Expect another post when they’re in.

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