Our Story

Torden Golf was founded in 2021. The original intention was to perform golf club restoration, refinishing beautiful heads like the Mizuno MP-32 or Titleist 690MB, with expertly selected shafts for the customer, and finishing touches, like custom ferrules from BB&F Co. It turns out the cost of doing this to a quality that we would have happy with was extremely expensive (stripping and electroplating etc).

Having established relationships with suppliers to source top quality components, from the likes of True Temper, Mitsubishi, Nippon, KBS, Fujikura and many more, we searched for the ability to source club heads. In the New Zealand market this is almost impossible. The volumes are so small (relatively speaking) that “head only” contracts aren’t available.

Our experience (as customers) with the “major brands” was that fitting options were limited, especially for woman golfers. In many fitting carts a lower speed player has one, maybe two shaft options. We wanted to do better than that.

We can select from a comprehensive library of shafts (weights, flexes, profiles) to build the perfect set to complement a players strength, style and ability. Secondarily we’re also able to apply this same discipline and approach to retrofitting a players existing clubs, bring new life to their beloved set and costing less than purchasing new.

If you want the very best service make sure you get in contact with us.