Mizuno MP-32 iron rebuild, yes they’re raw!

I’ve had these MP-32 heads kicking around for a while. I’ve had a few goes at finishing them over the last few months but hadn’t managed to get them to a point I was happy with. Today that finally changed.

As you’ll see I bought these in pretty average shape. The idea was that if I could revive these I’d likely be able to work with anything.

One last time on the finishing wheels and these things look exactly like I was hoping. Nice and smooth, nice shaping, and after some buffing having the final appearance of a brushed finish. I’m really looking forward to seeing how these age over the coming weeks and months.

I’ll likely sell these at some point but I want them to weather at least a little bit so the next owner doesn’t get a surprise when the raw finish starts to become imperfect.

These have been built with KBS Tour FLT 120 stiff shafts in the gorgeous matte black finish. The FLT is a flighted set, with more active tips in the longer irons to aid getting the ball airborne. The final complements are some stunning BB&F Co ferrules and Golf Pride ZGRIP cord grips.

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